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Katie Henry: Guestbook

Marline Lesh

January 11, 2012

So great to get a little glimpse of you and your lovely music after all these years. And now I can keep track of chances to see and hear you again. Life looks good on you!


November 7, 2011

Cool Stuff.. Love it.

Katrina Oleson

August 1, 2010

I bought your Bears in the City cd at the Folk Festival, and I loved it sooo much, that was over 11 years ago. I have never forgotten your name or the chorus to Bears in the city, and I just bought the cd again, Thank you its beautiful. Reminds so much of that time in my life.


March 3, 2009

Just love the site. Your beauty and talents shine through every page. I thought of you numerous times Sat pm as you performed. Wish I'd been there.
Lots of love and wishes for continued success!

John Crider

December 19, 2007

Hi Katie - it's a pleasant trip to stumble upon your website and see some pics of you. You were always one of favorite singers and its good to see you are still performing. So much time has passed since the Special Blend Coffeehouse and the Acoustic Music Society :)

I've been playing jazz piano professionally for the last 12 years, got re-married and moved to Florida last year, to be near my mom in her golden years. I'm enjoying the great weather, and have found some good gigs, but will always miss the Northwest.

Anyway, I hope things are wonderful for you in California, and let me know if you have some new CD projects for sale.

Best of luck, and happy holidays
John Crider