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Katie Henry: Links

A Davis, California, trio consisting of Katie Henry, Laura Sandage, and Ray Frank
The Alaska Folk Festival
Katie has been at every one except the 13th, when she was on an exchange program in Norway. It's a way of life... now in it's 35th year.
Education Through Music
The Richards Institute of Education and Research
The Peregrine School
Where Katie teaches
Vocal Art Ensemble
23-voice a capella choir
Petr Janata
Katie's brilliant neuroscientist piano-jammin' husband
Janata lab
Petr's music cognition research lab at UC Davis
Great Davis folk-rock band that Katie often plays the chirp for
Laura Sandage
Check out the site of another 1/3 of MudLark and listen to the fabulous tracks from her solo CD, Bloom. MudLark first worked together on this recording, and still plays many of these lovely songs in concert. Plus, Laura is also a novelist and may some day post some of her prose... I'd check in often if I were you. She has a new city of Davis grant-funded CD coming out very soon that is also a benefit project for Yolo Hospice. Katie and Ray make appearances...
T.R. Kelley
The fretless bass wonder-babe and songwriter extraordinaire. I am serious when I say she is a genius. Check her out.
Laura Kemp
Another Babe with an Axe, still going strong in Eugene and touring the Northwest to your town soon. We last played a great Sam Bond's show together in June, 2007...
Kim Barlow
Great Canadian banjo-playing songwriter and mistress of the road.
Juneau Veterans for Peace
Producers of Wounded Dove CD and doers of good work.
Sounds Wild
Great wildlife radio program produced by my dear friend and music buddy, Riley Woodford, at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Check out his band, the Bob Family Band, and his 2007 CD release, Mother Pie and Apple Hood if you get the chance.