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Sing - February 26, 2009

I love singing with the Vocal Art Ensemble. I seldom have to work as hard musically as i do with that group... and I am beginning to know the next concert material well enough that I am falling in love with it. I used to fall in love with one person after another. Now I seem to fall in love with one music after another...

AFF paperwork - February 23, 2009

I'm sending in my Alaska Folk Fest paperwork tomorrow. The plane tickets are in hand. Oliver is working up a great trumpet part for "Shakedown Street" to play with Petr and Riley in their set. He's one rockin' kid. I'm waiting to get my dad's new songs in the mail... sometimes we don't get to hear the songs in that set until a couple of days before we perform. It is a wild a crazy ride, and and excellent party. April 13-19, 2009...

Good Rain - February 22, 2009

It keeps raining. The back yard is full but the reservoirs still have a long way to go, so I hope it keeps coming. I marvel at how my kids like to listen to The Band on sunday mornings just like I did when I was their age. Ophelia never gets old. I wrote a paper in 7th grade on Acadian Driftwood and the forced migration of Acadians south out of Canada... I think my teacher was stunned that someone would base a junior high level paper on a rock ballad, but the story is all there, and so fine. Oliver spent about 2 months listening to this album as he went to sleep every night and now knows almost every lyric. Genetics in action?

The one and only - February 21, 2009

We've finally routed my old EFN site to here, and it only took two and a half years! Heh. Heh. Our MudLark site has been more on my mind recently because of the recording and the release of our cd, Nest in 2007, and almost all my music has been made with them for a while now. But in February I always start thinking about how I'll be playing alone at the Alaska Folk Festival in April, and how I should get back to working on my next solo project. Grey sky dreaming leads me here today...

The night before the website is born - September 16, 2006

I am up much too late for the night before a gig, but this new website is so pleasing to me! I am happy and relieved to finally have an updated window into my musical world, as barebones as it is. My last site was created in the very early 90's, and has hardly changed over the past 10 years... I look forward to updating this site a bit more often than once a decade...

Hooray for each step forward.

Welcome, all.

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