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Katie Henry: Press

Kind words for the music...
Victory Review
"Captivating and riveting songs."
Notes From the Center
Katie's "highly poetic songs captivate the listener and take them on a remarkable journey of discovery."
Sing Out!
"This is Real Writing."
Don Ross - Don Ross Productions
"Katie Henry's new album, Bears in the City, reveals a captivating poet and song stylist with sophisticated arrangements and superb production values. This album is an instant Northwest classic!"
Mike Myer - Acoustic Junction, KRVM, Eugene OR
"Bears in the City is the best recording ever to come out of Eugene."
Kobi Lucas - Friends and Neighbors, KLCC, Eugene OR
"Katie Henry is a treasure. A powerful performer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, her pure, blues-tinged voice and simple, elegant arrangements slip into our everyday world, disguised like bears in the city, to report back new insights on such commonplaces as hopscotch and haircuts and roadside cafes, loving, hurting, and the healing power of a waltz."
Frank Gosar - Saturday Cafe, KLCC, Eugene OR
"The ease with which she puts forth her well-written thoughts in clear concise tunes and her clear, even vocal performances are the mark of a true professional with a bright future before her."
Northwest Independent Music News
Bears in the City

"Katie henry creates folk music that delves below the surface: lyrically compelling, instrumentally rich and largely acoustic, socially and ecologically aware and at the same time an expression of the artist's unique vision. Sometimes jazzy or bluesy, Katie's wide-ranging, sonorous voice perfectly expresses the introspective complexity of her world, taking us into landscapes of personal experience with music that is memorable, profound, able to evoke deep feeling.

It's hard to choose favorites among these songs, their high quality is consistent. They range in theme from emergence from childhood (Hopscotch), to love (Emerald) and the pain it can bring (Sometimes a Waltz, Shoot the Moon), to hairstyles (Hairsay) and social expectations of women as childbearers (Lonely Grain of Corn). The haunting Long Way To Texas is a response to a parent's illness; Dun-bar's is a humorous portrait of a Texas lunch spot; Look Higher Up, a protest against federally-sponsored environmental destruction; Folk Festival Song, a celebration of musical community; Bears in the City, an inspired look at the veneer of urban civilization, 'nature in disguise.' Seek and You Shall Find closes the album with a hopeful acceptance of inevitable change.

Katie Henry has created music whose subtlety, depth, and beauty make it a great pleasure to listen to."
Chris Roth - Heartsong Review (2005)
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